For you, Marc Janko

After the disrespect you have shown for SL BENFICA on your Twitter, you said you couldn't accept the reactions of the fans who post comments with no respect for your person at all. How hypocrite can you be, Marc? You ask for something that you clearly cannot give us back? What about you show some respect in the first place, especially when you begin an adventure in a new country and you want to build a respectful relation with the fans, regardless of the club they support as you said? Learn how to respect and be respected from guys like Pablo Aimar or even Lucho, a player from your current club, and stop being such an hypocrite.

PS: Era bom que os nossos (Benfica) meninos também se deixassem destas brincadeiras nas redes sociais. Que deixem estas coisas para nós, adeptos, pois a eles cabe-lhes dar o exemplo.


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Manuel Oliveira disse...

Armou-se em experto e levou com os adeptos em cima!